Now all new: the garage door operator of the next generation

Faster. More secure. More intelligent. Brighter.

The all new SOMMER base+ is a class of its own. The garage door operator was re-developed from scratch. The intelligent carriage provides plenty of room for installing sophisticated accessories.

Traveling motor

  • gear-spearing technology

    for long-lasting life-time and little wearout
  • galvanized, nickel plated chain

    no friction loss by revolving track, no need for retightening or oiling the track
  • energy saving: < 1 watt in standby mode

    only 0,8W in standby mode, that's round about 1,80€ energy cost per year
  • high self-locking force, active closing function and counter pressure on burglary attempt

All in one.

One box fits all.

With the SOMMER base+ you get a universal, ready-to-use complete package. The pre-assembled operator can easily be mounted on the ceiling or to the wall and is compatible with all sorts of garage doors. 
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A garage door operator like no other.


The SOMMER base+ comes with our most advanced controller technology, including optimized speed profiles and the possibility to enter exact force values. SOMMER base+ also has a self-learning force curve with continuous adjustment.

Intelligent controller technology

  • automatic learning

    self-learning force curve with continuous adjustment, e.g. summer / winter
  • optimized speed profiles

    for fast opening and safe closing
  • standard-compliant operation of any door

    measured force values can be entered and the controller calculates the appropriate parameters for the specific door
  • sensitive

    intelligent distinction between necessary force für door-way and unusual obstacle
  • additional blockade detection

  • four already preset radio channels

    CH 1 = impuls
    CH 2 = partial opening / light
    CH 3 = defined OPEN
    CH 4 = defined CLOSE
  • security

    128 bit AES encryption
  • coded, copy-protected firmware

  • SOMlink

    service information and versatile settings

All technical details can be found on our website or can be downloaded as a PDF

Plug and Play

The modular construction system allows you to upgrade your SOMMER base+ with a versatile collection of accessories. All accessories can be easily installed in the appropriate sockets, which are colored and labled.


— optional —

Magnetic locking, that locks the engine in every position for attacking forces of up to 300 kg.  The lock is blocking mechanically and improves the existing burglary protection.


— optional —

For measuring temperature and humidity of the garage. The carriage will automatically open the door as much as it is needed and provides perfect air circulation. Once the ideal value is reached, the door will be closed again and the risk of molding decreases.


— optional —

The Memo provides additional memory extension for up to 450 radio commands. If needed, saved data can be transferred to a new carriage.

Lumi base+

— soon available —

Additional LED-lighting for the ceiling control. The additional lighting will be connected in parallel to the lighting of the carriage and can be switched on and off via radio control.

Alarm buzzer / warn buzzer

— soon available —

The buzzer offers two options alternatively in one product: If the sound sensor, which is integrated in the motor carriage, detects a burglary attempt the alarm buzzer plays a loud warning sound. The warn buzzer however makes a sound while closing. 

Park position laser

— soon available —

The park position laser gives you an optical assistance to park your vehicle in the garage perfectly. The laser is active while the door is opening and stays active as long as defined in the duration settings.

30 years of experience

Made in Germany.

Made in Germany

The SOMMER corporation and its subsidaries and partners in Europe, America and Asia offer you everything from one source. Our hard- and software development takes place inhouse and stands for high quality standards and innovative technology "Made in Germany".

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